Rep. Joni Jenkins on My Old Kentucky Podcast

Thursday, May 24th, 2018 @ 11:59PM

Listen to Joni Jenkins on My Old Kentucky Podcast! Use the player below, or follow this link to view the podcast on its original site.

A message from the podcast hosts:

We were thrilled and honored this week to be joined by Rep. Joni Jenkins, who serves the good people of Shively in Metro Louisville in the state legislature. She talked to us about the most recent legislative session — from the massive protests and demonstrations to her work with Rep. David Meade to write and pass HB 1, which was about adoption. She offers the unique perspective of one of the most seasoned and respected legislators in Frankfort and it was a treat to speak with her this week.

Before our interview with Rep. Jenkins, Robert runs down some of the results from Tuesday’s primary election, which saw some surprises, upsets, and close results.

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