Representative Jenkins provides solid leadership during the 2013 Session

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 @ 1:19AM

During the 2013 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly, Representative Joni Jenkins worked hard for South Louisville’s Families.

She led the Jefferson County Delegation by passing four critical pieces of legislation.

Three of her bills became law and one passed both chambers of the General Assembly, but wasn’t enrolled because it passed past the Session deadline.

During the Session Joni was also an outspoken advocate for children, seniors, organized labor, and Kentucky’s working families.

Several times she took to the house floor to demand pension reform that would fix the problem but not hurt our State employees and workers.

Rep. Jenkins’ 2013 Legislative Success

Student Athlete Protections Bill- HB 109 – This key piece of legislation builds on the coaches training program that was established in 2009, which mandated that all public high school coaches have training in health related illness and emergencies. The training is free of charge and available on-line to students, parents and school personnel (as well as the public). There must be at least one trained person at all practices and games. In 2012, through my legislation, the mandate was expanded to the middle schools and concussion training was included, as well as a “return to play” policy. In 2013, HB 109 moved athletic trainers from certification to license, so they are included in the specific list of trained medical professionals that are authorized to recognize concussions and decide if a student athlete can return to play and when they are medically safe to return to play.

Domestic Violence Victims Voting Protections Bill- HB 222- Building a partnership with the Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes, this law allows victims of partner abuse, with an Emergency Protective Order or a Domestic Violence Order to exercise their right to vote without putting their physical safety at risk. Eligible voters can register with the SOS office to have their addresses redacted from the public record and will vote by absentee ballot directly to the SOS.

Protecting Kentucky’s Babies Bill- HB 387 – This important bill mandates that health insurances cover a very special nutritional supplement for extremely low birth weight premature infants. This fortified breast milk formula is much easier on those very vulnerable digestive systems and will enable our tiniest Kentuckians to leave the intensive care nurseries in a shorter time span, thus saving money and more importantly, starting our infants on a healthier road.

Investing in Treatment to Save Lives Bill- While HB 218, did not officially pass in the 2013 session, it made through both the House and the Senate, but not in time to be enrolled in the House. So, it will be prefilled and heard in the 2014 session. HB 218 lays out a path for our certified drug and alcohol counselors to licensure. As Kentucky struggles with the inordinate numbers of citizens struggling with addiction, HB 218 would expand the field of professionals with the very specialized training in treating persons with addictions. HB 218 creates a career path from peer educator to an Associates (2 year) level to certification to licensure. Under the ACA, Medicaid will begin to reimburse for treatment from a “licensed” provider.

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